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Metal Closure 70mm


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Twist-Off Extra Deep 70mm Metal Lug Closure

70 TNV (Twist-Off Extra Deep)
70 TNB (Twist-Off Extra Deep with safety button)

Neck Finish
International Standard

Food products: e.g. antipasti, sauces, jams, honey, compotes, condiments, mustard, preserves in general, etc. For other types of products, contact our commercial-technical team.

Main features
• Adds higher value to the product: due to the wider/higher skirt, the Extra Deep closure allows more visibility and easier recognition of the brand, customized layout possibilities, more shelf appeal and distinguishes the product from the competitors;
• Easy to open due to the larger grip area; Custom litho printed closures(marketing strategy, shelf appeal);
• Processes: cold filling, hot filling, water bath, pasteurization, retort sterilization;
• Packaged product has extended shelf life;
• Organoleptic characteristics of the packaged product are kept;
• Product can be resealed after being opened by the final consumer;
• Safety button: an optional device to identify whether the product is hermetically sealed and has not been tampered (guarantee to the producer and final consumer);
• Different compound formulas for different kinds of sealing processes: manual, semi-automated, automated.

Other measurements of metal closures, organized by diameter:

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